Stinson 108 pre-buy inspection and flight home

_9079365 _9079371 _9079374 _9079386 _9079391 10649696_561193813985239_797610714121721908_n 10425136_328191610696005_4584944741820926600_nSunday 7 Sept, 2014 turned out to be a wonderful day.  Started off by heading down to I73 early in the morning to take my Taylorcraft around the patch a couple of time to warm the oil up for an oil change.  Then I met Allen and Scott V (Father/son) to head up to northern Ohio to do a pre-buy inspection and hopefully purchase.  The aircraft in in immaculate shape.  It is always great to see a classic aircraft go to a new owner that will not only take care of it, but fly it!  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves on the rest of the trip.

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