Spring time is officially here!

The weather is starting to break, I have been able to work with the hangar doors open letting some fresh air and

Goodfolks & O'tymes 1929 Travel Air

Goodfolks & O’tymes 1929 Travel Air

sunshine in.  Currently have a few irons in the fire as well.  Recovering an aileron for a Pitts, an annual on the L3 that I just ferried back, an annual on Goodfolks and O’Tymes Biplane Ride’s Travel Air to get it ready for the ride season that is looming ever so closer!  The 1941 Aeronca Chief that I did some engine work on over the winter is back together and had been test flown for just over an hour, and is doing very well.   I plan to put a few more hours on it for the owner, and helping him make sure the airplane is properly exercised in the coming months.

Wrapped up with a couple of customers last week as well, a leaky front crankcase seal on a 150 Franklin, as well as an annual on a Super Cub, both of them are great aircraft with even better owners.  Its nice seeing the airplanes I’ve worked on flying.

As for my own projects; The Taylorcraft’s engine is back together after replacing all the oil seals, and I am now in the process of rebuilding the baffles. The Pietenpol is starting to see fabric being glued on to the tailfeathers and more will be happening with it soon.  If you see the hangar door open, feel free to stop in and chat for a little bit or to just say hello!

Aeronca 65LB O-145 Lycoming

1941 Aeronca Chief, O-145 Lycoming


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