Learning how to sell an airplane

Trade-a-plane and Barnstormers are great venues for getting word about an airplane for sale, but sometimes going beyond that can’t hurt, right? I’ve only received a couple of calls from the ads, mainly tire kickers, so I’m supplementing it with plan B: show the airplane off! Decided to join a group of friends for breakfast at an airport cafe that generally has a good turn out of people. So I got in contact with a friend and we loaded my kids in the back setting aim for Grimes Field, Urbana


We sure showed the utility available in the 172, the downside being most everybody in the restaurant flew themselves in, and aren’t looking for another airplane. More flyers and online marketing here we come!

Demo flight and photo opportunity

Words can’t describe the feeling that you get when breaking free from the earth, although some of these pictures might come close to doing it justice.  On top of that, every now and then the stars line up, and a good day of flying presents some awesome photo opportunities.  One of those opportunities presented itself while i was taking N8857B to I73 to show a potential buyer.  Shortly after landing at I73 and parking, a truck and trailer stopped me and asked if I would be there long.  I told them I’d be there 30 minutes to an hour, when they said they were launching a hot air balloon, and it should only take 30 minutes.  What are the chances that it would be the exact same colors as N8857B?  Well, it was.  Here are a couple pictures that i was able to grab. Yes, the Smiles are contagious!

Straight tail 172

Straight tail 172



The smiles are even more contagious than they look!

Ms Cherryl Jenny