Aviation is a Small World, and an update.

First of all, I am very excited to announce that Van’s is now offering Ferry Pilot services, I was raised in taildraggers, so contact me with any questions and to discuss your needs.

I received a phone call last week from a gentleman that is on the Taylorcraft forum http://vb.taylorcraft.org who I had spoken with the year prior about other Taylorcraft issues.  He said that he recognized the N-number of my airplane but couldn’t quite place it at first.  After looking back through his logbook he found that he first flew my Taylorcraft in October of 1961, and the last time he flew it was in 1962.  He owns a Taylorcraft still today, so that must say something about how great of an aircraft they are!  I have very good friends up his way in Ft Recovery, Ohio, so we made a deal that next time I’m up there we will get dinner.  Im hoping to drop into his private strip in my Taylorcraft.


The last week has been a great one at Van’s Flying Services.  A 1946 Taylorcraft that has sat dormant for 4 years has rebuilt tailfeathers, an overhauled tailwheel, overhauled magnetos, new liners on shinn brakes, and is just a couple hours of work away from a first flight.  The engine runs strong and the new tailwheel handles great on the ground.


Also, a 1941 Aeronca 65LB Chief is running for the first time in 6 years.  The engine was purchased by the owner off of Ebay, fortunately,  it was pickled very well and didn’t show any signs of corrosion inside the engine.  The rest of the airplane needed only minor work, nothing unusual for an airplane that has sat this long.  The engine runs very well, and I am looking forward to finishing the annual and putting a few hours on the airplane.

The video is dark because it was a late night in Ohio, but listen to it run, sounds good!

Here is the Chief in a little bit of light.

Aeronca 65LB

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