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Feel free to me contact by phone (937)683-2307, or email: matthew@vansflyingservices.com

Matthew VanDervort

I was introduced to aircraft at an early age by Grandpa ‘Big Jim’ VanDervort, riding along to all of the flyins and trips during the summers and as many during the winter as I could find time to go.  I quickly ‘took over his Taylorcraft

Grandpa and myself, top picture, Madelyn and myself, bottom

BC-12D, soloing at 16 and getting my Recreational Pilots Certificate at 17 in the Taylorcraft.  During high school I attended Laurel Oaks Career Development Center earning both my Airframe and Powerplant Certificates.  Shortly after high school I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps working on electronics, and was eventually assigned as an Assistant Security Commander for convoys and patrols in Iraq. Before the end of my enlistment I was also a Platoon Sergeant responsible for 23 men and women both in the United States and again in Iraq.  Upon getting out the Marines, I got right back into flying the Taylorcraft as often as I could.  I earned my Inspection Authorization in 2012 and at the same time also started on the rest of my Pilot Ratings.  I currently hold a Commercial ASEL/AMEL Instrument rating and anticipate to complete my CFI rating February, 2015.  Flying is a family affair for me, my girlfriend and kids come along as often as our schedules allow!


Jodie and I flying my Taylorcraft during the Barnstorming Carnival.

There is nothing more I love than sharing aviation, especially with people I truly care about.  My Girlfriend Jodie has managed to get a ride in some pretty neat airplanes, like Jim Wilson’s Cabin Waco.

Jodie in Jim’s WACO


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